Greeting for DAS 2017 in Nagoya, JAPAN

On behalf of the host of the Dialysis Access Symposium (DAS) 2017, we would like to extend our greetings to all of you.
Following the DAS 2015 organized in South Korea, the upcoming symposium is to be held at the Westin Nagoya, from 19 to 20 October 2017, a day before the 21st annual meeting of the Japanese Society for Dialysis Access (JSDA) in Japan.
According to the international comparative studies such as the DOPPS, types of vascular access and its management have now been demonstrated as quite important factors that affect the prognosis of patients undergoing dialysis. In other words, compared with foreign countries, Japan has low incidence of infection, access-related hospitalization rate, and availability of dialysis catheters and AVGs, which are considered contributing factors to the increase in mortality risk. Thus, the vascular access environment in Japan, where AVFs are mainly used, excels in the world. However, because of the aging of patients and the extended duration of maintenance hemodialysis, the percentage of AVGs has been increasing also in Japan. Accordingly, exchange of opinions with experts in foreign countries has become an important matter for us.
The JSDA established collaboration with the Vascular Access Society (VAS) in 2011 and subsequently with Vascular Access Society of Americas (VASA), and we have actively engaged in international collaborations with Western countries, such as with organizers of international symposiums. In contrast, the first DAS was organized in South Korea in 2015 under the co-sponsorship of Korean Society of Nephrology (KSN) and JSDA; the main participants were from Asia-Pacific countries. On that occasion, it was decided that DAS be held continuously and that the second DAS be organized in Japan. One of the characteristics of dialysis access creation and management in Japan is that not only surgeons but also nephrologists such as dialysis specialists are involved in an integrated manner, and our treatment performance is superior in the world.
Against these backgrounds, the hosting of DAS in Nagoya is an excellent opportunity for us to share about our knowledge and method with Asia-Pacific colleagues and to have an in-depth discussion on various issues.
We believe that this symposium will bring further advancement to quality of dialysis access management for Asia-Pacific dialysis patients.
Nagoya is the center of Japan and is close to an international airport (Centrair) with good transportation access. In addition, historically, Nagoya is place noted in connection with the feudal warlords such as Nobunaga Oda, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Ieyasu Tokugawa. You are welcome to join us and enjoy Nagoya in the season of fall!
We look forward to welcoming you at the symposium.

Congress President of DAS 2017
Takashi Sato, MD
Vascular Access Treatment Center; Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital
Meiko Kyoritsu Clinic