Minutes of DAS Business Meeting

· DAS 2017 Overview
Period: October 19th 10am to 20th 14pm
Number of participants: 113 people applied for advance registration. Total participants were 270 people from 15 countries, mainly from Asia.

· DAS organization
A proposal was made to organize Asia Pacific Society of Dialysis Access (APSDA).
The following was a proposed set-up of the Society.
President: Prof. Yong-Soo Kim, Korea
Secretary General: Prof. Takashi Sato, Japan
Office: Kaikokai Healthcare Group (Nagoya, Japan)

· APSDA 2018 and 2019
It will be held as an Annual Meeting.
Next APSDA will be held from August 17th to 18th 2018 in Zheng Zhou in Henan Province , China with Prof. Jin as Chairman.
It will be joint meeting with the Chinese Blood Purification Association (August 17th - 19th).
The next round will be sometime between May and August 2019 in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia with Prof. Wong as Chairman in conjunction with nephrology-related academic conference.

· JVA supplement
A special issue featuring DAS 2017 will be published.
The speakers were asked to contribute a full article and the poster presenters were asked for a shorter paper.